Superhero Starter Kit

By March 16, 2016Film

So you want to be a superhero or at least pretend to be one, but don’t know where to start? With the release of our latest movie, American Hero, we’ve come  up with a Superhero Starter kit. These will get you flying through the streets in no time

Cool Gear or Superpower Abilities

american-hero-sceneThis is essential. It  makes superheroes stand out from others.  A superhero always has cool gear or a superpower; even better if you have both. This could mean having a suit that can help you fly, telekinesis or being able to heal from injuries no matter how severe. If you’re super rich like Batman, great! Otherwise, consult your local babalawo. Melvin in American Hero probably did the latter.




Superheroes need to have masks so they can walk the streets amongst us.  The type of mask you want to use is completely up to you.  However, if anonymity isn’t your concern then you can decide to not wear a mask




A costume can help you  build your identity as a superhero. A spandex costume is ideal as it will allow you to be move freely. Bonus points if the costume is fire-proof or any other ability that help to protect you. Or you can just wear whatever you want. I mean you can even wear a T-shirt.



A cape doesn’t really serve as a functional item but mostly for aesthetic reasons. However, you can possibly create a cape that can work as a shield. Plus it will make you really cool and badass.



Unless you are not into capes.






You know what they say; two heads are better than one. I mean think about it, where would Batman be without Robin. It doesn’t even have to be just one person. You can be a group of superheroes e.g. The Avengers. You need someone or people who you can depend on especially if you need additional help with fighting your enemy or enemies.  


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